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Building a website is not that difficult.  Designing a customized website, complete with original images, video, and a personal touch is a completely different thing altogether.

CIMW is an image-based company first and we build our websites with that artistic license in mind.  This means that we capture every image for the purpose of the website as a part of the building process.  When you website is up, your company is a completely customized reflection of YOU.  Many Web companies will use stock images as a part of their website build.  We do not do that.  Because CIMW incorporates professional imaging with professional website construction, your final website is one-of-a-kind, right down to the customized images.

Everything we build with our client, we look to have their vision in mind-from the images, portraits, themes, and look. We took the time to take every photo and video for our client. Contact us of more information on how CIMW can build your customized web presence today.

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