The 2013 documentary, "Journey of the Nationals" was a project that began in April 2013 when Aaron began as the Media and Marketing Director for the soccer club, the Northwest Nationals.  It debuted at the 2nd Annual Nationals Awards Night on February 22nd, 2014 in front of over 600 players, families, and friends.

What began as a dream, "Journey of the Nationals" became a passionate pursuit to reveal the heart behind a youth sports organization.  Said by Nationals Coaching Director Scott Newman, "I have been across the country understanding soccer clubs of all ages and sizes and no one in the nation comes close to what we have done with the Digital Media Group, bringing the stories behind our club for everyone to see."

Journey of the Nationals chronicles the players, teams, and people that make up the soccer club, located just north of Seattle, Washington.  We hope you enjoy the film...

Untitled photo

Introduction of the Journey

The Libed Family: Journey to the Nationals

The Team: The Heart of the Journey

Matt Simmons: Completing the Journey

Portraits of the Journey

End Credits & Bloopers

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